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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Police Catch Man With Foot Fetish On UW Campus

Police Catch Man With Foot Fetish On UW Campus

October 25, 2005

By KOMO Staff

SEATTLE - Police see a lot of strange things on a college campus, but this has to be one of the strangest.

University of Washington police say they've caught a man who wanted co-eds to satisfy his foot fetish.

Police say the man admits he walked the UW campus looking for feet -- but not just any feet, only female feet.

Police tell us he made his way to Terry Hall with a story for the women in the dorm.

"Well he'd portray himself as a psychology student, and he'd indicate he was doing a psychology study for his class," said UW Assistant Police Chief Ray Wittmier.

"I heard that he was getting in the building," says student Allie Freeman, "and then knocking on girls doors saying that he could tell your fortune by looking at your feet."

Police say the suspect told these young co-eds he could read the lines on their feet much like a palm reader could read their palm. But when they caught him on Friday, police say he confessed he couldn't read feet at all, but he did like to touch them.

"He just indicated he was very much attracted to feet and that was his thing," Wittmier said.

The suspect is a former UW student. Police say not only did he admit to a foot fetish, they say he also confessed he satisfied his urges on campus for nearly five years.

Investigators say the school's libraries and the dorms were his favorite targets.

"It's really scary," said Katie Freeman. "It's so easy for them to get in the building just knocking on girls' doors. So many of the dorm kids just leave their doors open just to meet people in the halls and stuff."

Even though the suspect is now caught, police still have a warning. They're urging students to be aware of who is walking in the door behind them.

Because, say police, you never know what they're really after.

Police tell us as strange as the man's behavior is, trespassing is the only criminal charge he's likely to face.


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