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Friday, June 29, 2007

Sexualisation of the Foot

From: "noni samuel"
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007
Subject: Sexualisation of the Foot

Foot Fetish India Google group

In early Europe, the increased sexual focus on the female foot may have
intensified in the thirteenth century as the first epidemic of sexually
transmitted disease was brought back with the returning crusaders. With no
means of preventing transmission, acceptance of alternative sexual
intimacies was accepted. During this time contemporary romantic literature
began to include strong reference to women's feet. Troubadours waxed
eloquent about their attractiveness and the literate, read about them in the
few books of the time e.g. The Romance of the Rose. Attractive feet were
white; narrow with high arches and long straight toes. Toe nails were worn
long with large white moons on pink, pale nailbeds. To be really sexy there
should be no syndactlism (webbed feet). Fashion for women was at least three
hundred years away and those who could afford to wear shoes, had heeless
pumps or slippers in the same style as those depicted in paintings of the
Virgin Mary.
noni samuel

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