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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Nov 8, '05 3:20 PM ET
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SEX: You Know You Want It!
Men who miss piggies: Anka kicks it with foot fetishists.

Anka Radakovich gets a toehold in the wild world of foot worship.

Of all the fetishes in the world, podophilia (sexual arousal from feet) is the most popular: On a historical footnote, in 1996, when Clinton advisor Dick Morris (who was married at the time) resigned in embarrassment after letting a prostitute eavesdrop on his conversations with the President, it was also revealed that Morris was a major "shrimper" (toe sucker). For many tootsie lovers, the list of turn-ons includes seeing bare feet, foot tickling, and foot bondage. The more submuissive types like high heels, being trampled on, getting rolled up in a carpet and being stepped on, and bug crushing. This list, especially the bug-crushing thing, led me on a journey to the land of the golden arches.
The first stop on my walking tour through the world of feet was a visit to Leg Show magazine, the number-one magazine devoted entirely to the leg lover and foot fetishist. At their New York City office, Dian Hanson, the editor-in-chief, showed me the current issue with a "spread" called "Pantyhose Squirt Off," along with a table filled with high thighs, garter belts, underpanties, and a gigantic, black, two-headed dildo (these are Dian's "office supplies").
ANKA: Do foot fetishists consider themselves perverts?
DIAN: Their deepest fear is that they are. They fear the loss of love. These people don't even tell their wives and live this deep, deep secret. Although it causes them pain, they don't want to be "cured." Fetishists usually have a sacred scenario.
ANKA: Doesn't it ever get tired?
DIAN: No. The repetition is comforting. Part of the obsessive personality likes the ritual to relieve anxiety and create order. A person with "unacceptable" sexual desires has a lot of anxiety.
ANKA: I had a guy ask me if I had ever driven a 1927 Volvo barefoot. What's up with that?
DIAN: There is a subgroup of foot fetishists who love seeing a woman pushing a gas pedal barefoot. Most fetishes are developed in childhood, and they associate that one with sitting in the front seat of the car with their mommies.
ANKA: So, what do leg and foot guys like?
DIAN: Guys in their 20s like seamless pantyhose in brown or black, the shinier the better. It seems older guys like garter belts. And drag queens and heterosexual cross-dressers like control-top pantyhose because they control and contain the penis. Transvestism and foot fetishism sometimes go together.
ANKA: Does foot size matter?
DIAN: Eighty percent of them like small feet with a high arch and straight toes. The arch is very important. The S-curve of the foot is desirable. The worst thing is seeing a flatfoot.
ANKA: What about men who are into bug crushing?
DIAN: That group gets excited seeing women crush things with their feet. Staring up at the giantess, they fantasize about her power. They like powerful women.
ANKA: Are there any other oddball subgroups?
DIAN: Yes, there are some men who like to be kicked in the balls.
The second stop on my trip was The Vault, New York City's "alternative lifestyle" club, for "foot fetish night." That's where I first discovered Scott Baker; a foot-movie star, who was going down on woman's toes. Seeing that he was such an extreme shrimper; I gave him my phone number and made a "foot date." When I got to the restaurant, his eyes immediately went down to my feet.
SCOTT: Oh! You're wiggling your toes! If I keep looking at them, I'm going to have to attack you foot.
ANKA: So, you dig feet, huh?
SCOTT: Yes, I'm a lover of feet. I remember getting raging hard-ons when I was 2 or 3, seeing bare feet. I think of each toe as a clitoris.
ANKA: Do you ever try to hide your fetish?
SCOTT: No, I'm the opposite -- the more forbidden, the more fun. You know, Elvis Presley was said to have a major thing for beautiful feet.
ANKA: Do you get excited watching women try on shoes?
SCOTT: I get excited watching them just looking at the shoes.
ANKA: What about the smell?
SCOTT: I like the kinky aroma. If a woman has been wearing shoes all day, the foot can almost give off something like a sexual pheromone.
ANKA: What's the best way to have foot sex?
SCOTT: I try to start out very gently. I see the foot massage as foreplay. Then I begin to gently kiss and lick the arches, and then lick in between the toes. The bottom of the foot also has a special tactile sense. By this time, the woman is usually pleasuring and fingering herself.
ANKA: That's alsways a good sign.
SCOTT: I consider that a green light. Then I take some baby oil, pour it on and just go crazy.
ANKA: Do you rub the foot with your wiener?
SCOTT: Yes, but first I rub what I call the "taint" -- that's the area underneath the toe. Then I masturbate in between the arches. It's certainly safe sex. And of course, for foot fetish videos I can take two, three, even four feet into my mouth at the same time -- that's strictly stunt work.
ANKA: A toe jam! A sort of foot gang bang.
SCOTT: Exactly. I'm very oral -- I make mouth magic. I'm also a fire-eater and a sword swallower.
ANKA: Would you care for an Odor-Eaters breath mint?
As I walked home, past the shoe store Tootsi Plohound, I couldn't get my mind off one guy at The Vault who sucked toes for toe hours straight without coming out for air. Since the most common pickup line was "Would you like a foot massage?" I couldn't resist participating. It was toe-riffic, actually, almost as good as foreplay -- which by the way, most women also don't get enough of. So to all the foot-lickin', toe-jammin' foot freaks out there, I salute you. At least it's better than a diaper fetish.
by Anka Radakovich
Source: DETAILS Magazine, May 1999, pp. 70-72


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